Who is Brian Buffington?

Brian Buffington is a singer/songwriter, specializing in the art of Happy Music. For the past 20 years, he’s played all across the Southeast USA, at various venues, house shows, and youth events. His music is loved by fans of all ages and backgrounds, evoking lots of smiles and sing-a-longs at his shows. In late 2015, Brian released his single, “PJDU (Parents Just Don’t Understand) Minecraft”. That single, along with the song “8th Grade Mustache” helped catapult him back into the music industry after a 8 year hiatus to start a family. His most recent album, “Happy Music For The Masses” was released in November 2016.  He and longtime percussionist, Rusty Townsen are playing shows hthroughout the Southeast for 2017. Brian and his family currently call Clarkesville, GA home.

His influences include: Presidents of the USA, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Weezer, MXPX, Ray Stevens, The Killers, Jimmy Buffett, blink-182, Relient K and OutKast.

Brian Buffington: The Legend (see below)

The Legend Goes…

A South Georgia boy was given his first guitar at the age of 14 and instantly gravitated towards playing the chords of G, C, D, and E minor. With those chords, he was able to play all those cool 90’s youth group songs at the local church, honing in on his craft and getting experience playing in front of people. Eventually the boy began experimenting with the other keys and chords, priming him for the most important step in his career…writing and performing original music.

On a hot Summer morning, about mid July, Brian Buffington began writing a tribute to his Granddaddy, his Granddaddy’s farm, and one of his favorite foods…”Cheese”. The song became an unexpected and instant success, allowing Brian to play at various events across South Georgia. He would eventually write more songs and form the trio, “Lightshed”. The band would go on to record and promote a 3 song demo. One of his most proud feats would be performing the Green Day ballad, “Good Riddance” at his high school graduation. Eventually, his three piece band would dismember and he would be left playing solo…at least for a little while.

Brian Buffington:The Early Years (see below)

The Early Years

In the year 2001, Brian would leave his beloved 2 year college for the metropolitan city of Valdosta, enrolling at Valdosta State University. Go Blazers! There he would eventually meet skater punk kid, Parks Reese, and make music magic as a duet. Parks would beat the djembe and make all the ladies swoon, bringing about a new fan base. Around this time, Brian took the stage name, “Soulpatches”. And to go further with the facial hair naming theme, the Brian and Parks show would soon be known globally as “Soulpatches and Porkchops”. Porkchops referred to Parks’ delicious thick cheek bone facial hair. They would play all the Valdosta hot spots, gaining fans and making waves. However, Parks would soon leave Valdosta to attend another school in Central Florida, leaving Soulpatches without the Porkchops.

Through wacky and unbelievable circumstances, Brian would soon stumble upon a Soulpatches fan who could also slap percussive instruments and add life to his 3-chord songs. The drum slapper’s name was Rusty Townsen, who would go under the aliases “Rusty T”, “Trusty Rusty” and “That Guy Who Plays With Soulpatches”. Rusty T would become known for his spaztastic approach to hand percussion and the way he adorned tambourines around his neck.

The culminating event during these times was the 2007 release of “Soulpatches: The Hits”. It was Brian’s first album, and coincidently a greatest hits variety. There was much fan fare at the release party in Downtown Valdosta, as fans were treated to unlimited grilled cheese and blue Koolaid.

Brian and Rusty would eventually experiment with different artists and sounds, starting the acts of “Soulpatches and the Second Bananas” and “Rocketships and Tangerines”. Though fun and unforgettable, both would have limited success.

It was then, in 2008, that Brian took a break from songwriting and performing to concentrate on domestic type things, like raising children and cutting grass.

Present Day

After cutting lots of grass and making a couple of kids, Brian is now back to writing and performing his special brand of happy music. In March 2016, Brian embarked on the “Buff Does South Georgia” House Show Tour 2016. It was an experimental tour that went through the small towns that helped make him who he is today. With Rusty T by his side, they brought happy music to the cities of Douglas, Alma, and Bainbridge. It was a weekend tour to remember, as new fans were made and old fans were present. Due to the success of the tour, Brian is planning 4-6 similar tours throughout the Southeast in 2016. This will be in preparation for the his 2017 full album release, a full 10 years since the debut of Soulpatches “The Hits”.