House Concerts

If you enjoy entertaining friends, family, and neighbors over at your house, this is the perfect way to get everyone in a good mood! Brian brings his songs, equipment, and ability to engage crowds of all ages. House show hosts can choose whether or not to make the event “adult-only” or “fun for kids too”! Brian is currently on his 2017 “Lawn Chairs and Living Rooms Tour”, traveling throughout the Southeast. There are still available dates for August-December 2017.

Festivals & City Events

Buff Knows Festivals! Whether your city or county is putting on a BBQ Cookoff, Winter Celebration, or Wine Festival, Brian’s Happy Music is ALWAYS a great addition. Brian’s music is much more than just background noise at an event, it’s an opportunity to get your community on stage and engaged! Whether it’s teaching onlookers how to do the “Catfish Dance” or inviting a kid to play guest harmonica on “PJDU Minecraft”, Brian knows how to get people involved!

Private & Corporate Events

Brian loves playing at private, non-profit, and corporate events! LIVE music is a great way to make these events more lively. Yes, your people love the meatballs and toothpicks, but what if you could get them some high-quality entertainment too!? Brian does a great job of working the crowd and getting people involved. Imagine all the super awesome water-cooler talk that would follow.

Brian Buffington

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